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Hey, welcome, I am glad you stopped by.

I am an interior designer working under the name of ININdesign. My aim and my passion are creating sophisticated and stunning spaces. Spaces where functionality and design equally have their own "path" and together, their synergy is what makes all the difference. 

Functionality and design work hand in hand and the outcome always has to be in line with preferences. But more than that, the created space has to have the vibe, the aesthetic, the means, the arrangement, the frame, the atmosphere that was wished for and set at the beginning.  

From residential interiors to commercial properties like cafeterias, offices, hotels, Airbnb places, and shops, ININdesign, as an interior design studio, offers full service in interior planning and guides you through the realization and construction process just as well.


Browse through the references to have a glimpse of the previous projects

And if you have an idea or a project to share, or just questions please feel free to reach out, and let's talk about it. 

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